A life update

Hmmm, you might be thinking, "why am I getting an update from Anna's blog? She's been in the country for months and isn't traveling at all" CORRECT.  I'm sad to say that is indeed the truth.  BUT, so much has been happening, and I really miss writing.  So, here is a list.  I have decided … Continue reading A life update


Rocks, Protests, and Shamans

I’ve already been home for 2 weeks, so I think its time to put this procrastination to an end! I will post 2 more times about my trip to the beautiful county of Perú. My sister and I spent our last full day in Cusco exploring some more historical sites. I love the Tourist Ticket … Continue reading Rocks, Protests, and Shamans

我想你中国: Reverse Culture Shock and Other Fun Things

I can’t believe that I’ve been back in the U.S. for an entire month now. It actually felt like a fairly slow month, as I am really missing China (minus the pollution and food😉).  I've been crazy busy with my classes, practicing, volunteering, job search, etc. and with midterms already coming up next week, I … Continue reading 我想你中国: Reverse Culture Shock and Other Fun Things